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                          Located in the Fuding City, the North-East of Fujian Province, Fuding Basalt Stone Co., Ltd is one of leading professional stone exporters and manufacturers in China. We are specialized in handling the productions and export business of various BASALTS AND BLACK STONES, the materials including G684 basalt--Fuding Black, G685 Grey Basalt, Absoulte Black Basalt, Kingkong Black Basalt, Mogolian Black Basalt, Hole Basalt and the black granites--- Black Pearl, Crystal Black and so on. For the most of the above mentioned materials, we own the quarries and professional factories. Especially for G684 basalt, as a company has a distance of about 5kms to the quarry, we have a great advantage on this material on capacility and quality. With many years of export business of basalts, we have rich experiences in this field and always can give the customers an excellent service. In the meantime, we also deal with some granites according the the customers demands as well. Our products range including tiles, slabs, claddings, floorings, paverments, kerbs, cobbles, counter tops and so on.
                          Working under the principle of quality first , delivery in time, we have won a good reputation in our customer. We believe and do hope that Fuding Basalt Stone Co., Ltd. will be your first choice among the stone suppliers!


                  Tel+86-0593- 7997882 OR johnchang@188.com View more

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